Atomic Model Set (Euro Design), PS

Atomic Model Set (Euro Design), PS

This set consists of moulded balls of different colors & sizes along with connectors of different sizes. The sizes & shapes of the balls & connecting lugs have been designed in accordance with internationally acceptable standards. Material: Polystyrene

Catalogue No.ParticularsPacking
12043/01Student Set1 Pc.
12043/02Teacher Set1 Pc.


An atomic model set (Euro design) is a type of educational tool used to demonstrate the structure of atoms. It consists of a set of plastic or metal parts that can be assembled to represent the electrons and protons in an atom.

PS atomic model sets (Euro design) refer to sets made of polystyrene (PS) material, designed with a European aesthetic. PS is a commonly used material in educational equipment due to its lightweight, affordability, and ability to be molded into various shapes.

Atomic model sets are used in science classes and laboratory settings to help students and researchers understand the basic structure of atoms and the arrangement of electrons in the periodic table. The Euro design of PS atomic model sets is designed to offer a modern, aesthetically pleasing design that is eye-catching and easy to understand. These sets are ideal for educational purposes because they are lightweight, durable, and can be molded into various shapes and sizes to represent different types of atoms.