A pestle is a tool used to crush, mash or grind materials in a mortar. In solid state chemistry a mortar and pestle is often used to prepare reactants for a solid state synthesis.

99.5% Alumina Pestle Unglazed to grinding surface. Pestle oversized for hand comfort in grinding.

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High Alumina Pestle for Mortar Size:

Catalog No. Capacity (mm) Top OD (mm) Top ID (mm) Height (mm)
P-838 1.5 35 26 18
P-839 7 50 38 26
P-840 15 65 54 31
P-841 30 75 68 37
P-842 80 100 86 47


A lab pestle is a handheld tool used in chemistry, biology and pharmacy labs to grind, crush or mix substances into a fine powder or a homogenous mixture. The pestle is typically made of porcelain, glass or agate, and is shaped like a small club with a rounded end. The end of the pestle is used to crush and grind the substance inside a mortar, which is a small, shallow bowl made of similar materials.

The pestle is used by holding it with one hand and using a rotating or pounding motion to grind the substance to the desired consistency. It is commonly used in the preparation of samples for analysis, such as in DNA extraction or drug formulation. The pestle can be easily cleaned and reused for multiple experiments, making it a cost-effective and versatile tool for lab work.