Circular Disc

Circular Disc

Circular Disc
99.7% Alumina Circular Disc, unglazed. Max. use temp. 1750 °C.

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Catalog No. Top Outside Diameter (mm)
P-787 25
P-788 28
P-789 32
P-790 38
P-791 48
P-792 58
P-793 75
P-794 90
P-795 100
P-797 125
P-798 150


A porcelain circular disc is a laboratory accessory used as a base or support for glassware and other containers during experiments. It is typically made of porcelain, a type of ceramic material that is able to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion.

The circular disc has a flat surface and is usually circular in shape, providing a stable base for glassware and other containers. Circular discs are commonly used in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and other laboratory applications where the support of glassware and other containers is required.

The porcelain construction of the circular disc provides durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, making it a cost-effective solution for laboratory support.